TSSG researches the importance of integrating Renewable Energy into the Grid

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Smart Grid conceptual abstract

The current electricity grid is transforming into a smarter grid a.k.a, Smart Grid (SG). One of  the  major  goals  of  the  SG  is to  move towards 100%  electricity  generation  from  RERs,  i.e., towards a  100%  renewable  grid. In fact, rising  energy  costs,  losses in  the  present-day  electricity  grid,  risks  from  nuclear  power generation,  and  global environmental  changes  are  motivating  a transformation  of  the conventional  ways  of  generating  electricity.

Globally, there is a desire to rely more on renewable energy resources (RERs) for electricity generation.  RERs reduce greenhouse gas emissions and may have economic benefits, e.g., through applying demand side management with dynamic pricing so as to shift loads from fossil fuel-based generators to RERs. However, the disparate, intermittent, and typically widely geographically distributed nature of RERs complicates  the  integration  of  RERs into  the  SG.  Moreover, individual RERs have generally lower capacity than conventional fossil-fuel plants, and these RERs are based on a wide spectrum of different technologies.  This paper provides an overview of recent efforts that aim to integrate RERs into the SG. It outlines the integration of RERs into the SG along with their supporting communication networks. The paper also discusses ongoing projects that seek to integrate RERs into the SG around the globe. Finally, future research directions on integrating RERs into the SG are outlined.

Publication Title: Integrating Renewable Energy Resources into the Smart Grid: Recent Developments in Information and Communication Technologies

Authors: Mubashir Husain Rehmani, Martin Reisslein, Abderrezak Rachedi, Melike Erol Kantarci, and Milena Radenkovic,

Journal: The IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (to appear, 2018).