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TSSG Researcher re-elected to steering board of NEM Technology Platform

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Mr James Clarke retains position on steering board of New European Media Technology Platform, working towards convergence of telecoms and consumer electronics

On 30th May, 2018, at their annual General Assembly, Mr. James Clarke of the Telecommunications Software and Systems Group at WIT was re-elected as a Steering Board member of the New European Media (NEM) Technology Platform. Mr. Clarke has been in the NEM Steering Board under the banner of research / academia since 2011.

New European Media

NEM, which currently has over 1500 members, was established as one of the European Technology Platform under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), aiming at fostering the convergence between consumer electronics, broadcasting and telecoms in order to develop the emerging business sector of networked and electronic media. In order to respond to new need and requirements of the Horizon 2020 programme, the NEM initiative enlarged its focus towards creative industries and changed its name from Networked an Electronic Media Initiative to New European Media, dealing with Connected, Converging and Interactive Media & Creative Industries, driving the future of digital experience.

The NEM constituency includes all major European organisations working in the networked and electronic media area, including content providers, creative industries, broadcasters, network equipment manufacturers, network operators and service providers, academia, standardisation bodies and government institutions. Those actors share a common Vision and have been producing a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) as well as position papers, in order to accelerate the innovative development of the new sector in a harmonised and fruitful way and to place European industry at the forefront of the information era.

Since October, 2017, Mr. Clarke has been the project coordinator of a European Horizon 2020 Program Co-ordination and Support action (CSA) project entitled, which is one of the pathfinder projects funded under the H2020 programme entitled ICT-41-2017: Next Generation Internet (NGI), which is designed to get the public more involved and central to its work in building an NGI Flagship initiative for the successor of H2020, which is expected to run to 2027. The NEM Technology Platform is supporting Europe’s activities on NGI and is actively contributing to the definition of the related research and innovation areas. In particular, the Future Media Internet and Interactive Technologies have been identified by the NEM community as its major innovation area.