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Researcher visits University of Buffalo, New York

By 16th September 2018 No Comments

Dr. Michael Barros, Experienced post-doc researcher at TSSG, recently visited Prof. Josep Miguel Jornet for two weeks at he UbNano lab, in the University at Buffalo, New York, USA. This visit was part of his Government of Ireland fellowship, in which Prof. Jornet had a crucial role into guiding Dr. Barros to develop the research work on Ultrasound Beamforming for Wireless Optogenetics Nanonetworks. Dr. Barros had also the opportunity to give a seminar at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the same university. The title of his talk was “Bio-Nano-Machines Communication Systems Inside

Cellular Tissues and Their Role in Precision Medicine”, where Dr. Barros focused in how to use molecular communications towards the future technologies for diagnostics and treatment of diseases with the use case of the Alzheimer’s neurodegenerative disease. Prof. Jornet and Dr. Barros are continuing to work together after the visit was finished and they are planning to submit their results to IEEE INFOCOM 2020.

For abstract of Michael’s talk, click here.