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Dr. Alan Davy attends the US Army Research Workshop on THz Communication.

By 22nd October 2018 No Comments

Dr. Alan Davy was invited to a US Army Research workshop on THz Wireless Communication at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (October 2018). The aim of the workshop was to unearth and identify the crucial and fundamental research challenges that need to be solved in order to advance THz communication in the future. Due the particularities of the THz band (which is above regular WiFi radio spectrum and below Infra Red light) communication in this band has many advantages over current approaches. These include the potential to reach data throughput speeds of over 1 Terabit per second (1000 times faster than WiFi). However, to realise such advances in Wireless Communication, many challenges need to be addressed. The workshop was attended by 15 of the world’s most prominent scientists in the THz communication field, covering specialities in photonic and electronic devices, protocols to external components and integration. The workshop will produce a THz communication research roadmap with the aim of stimulating research within the area of THz communication over the next 5 – 10 years.
Dr. Davy currently coordinates the TERAPOD project, which he conceived and won funding for in 2017. The project aims to address the crucial challenge faced by Data Centre operators of cable complexity. Dr. Davy proposes that THz communication technology can not only replace expensive wired cabling infrastructure within the Data Centre, but also offer a wide set of flexibility when constructing Data Centres leading to improved power efficient and performance. The TERAPOD project will demonstrate THz communication technology integrated into a Data Centre scenario as a proof of concept. (