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TSSG hosts SOGNO Partners in the historic Kilkenny Castle

By 2nd November 2018 No Comments

The latest meeting for the H2020 SOGNO (Service Orientated Grid) project took place in September of this year. The gathering brought together a number of representatives from partner companies involved in the project.

The event welcomed a unique set of expertise and experience together from the worlds of smart grid and software communications, with project partners travelling from various countries across Europe. The SOGNO event brought visitors from Romania (CEZ, CRE), Germany (RWTH Aachen University, B.A.U.M, Gridhound), Italy (University of Bologna) and Estonia (Altea). Representatives from Ericsson and Irish based companies MAC, ESB Networks and the TSSG (Telecommunication Software & Systems Group), a research centre in Waterford Institute of Technology (W.I.T) were also present to contribute to the projects outcomes.

The event saw discussion take place around the progress of SOGNO to provide more effective and efficient management of electrical grids by applying a variety of hardware and software solutions, such as 5G communication and deep learning techniques.

The TSSG are working to develop software that will aid electricity providers in identifying, locating and repairing faults. This will be particularly important during weather events, such as storm Ophelia, which saw 295,000 homes without power. With the solutions being developed by TSSG as part of SOGNO, future service outages could be managed, and power restored to affected areas more efficiently.

While the SOGNO meeting was a productive and interesting event, the star of the show was undoubtedly the location. Kilkenny Castle offered the Partners more than just impressive scenery, it also provided the opportunity for partners to view the electrical devices that will be in use for the Irish trials of SOGNO. A demonstration was delivered by members of ESB Networks on the castle grounds, showing the partners these devices and how they work.

After the first day of discussions the visiting representatives were treated to some of the entertainment and atmosphere in the historic Medieval city. The Partners were inspired as their visit came to an end after a memorable trip. For many this was their first visit to Ireland so to have the meeting be such a tremendous success is a fantastic reflection on the work done by WIT & the TSSG in hosting the event.