The TSSG team were delighted to participate in the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) event hosted by Sanofi in Waterford.

Our team of AR &VR experts were met with great enthusiasm by Sanofi staff and event attendees and it is clear that there is a strong appetite for adopting this technology within the Life Sciences industry.

Stephen Barnes and Ryan McCloskey (TSSG) were on hand to guide the demonstrations and give people the opportunity to experience AR and VR, many for the first time. This type of interaction and engagement between TSSG R&D specialists and industry based professionals is key to the creation of valuable solutions to real challenges faced by organisations.

Frances Cleary (Research Manager, TSSG) provided thought provoking insights into various applications and use cases for AR and VR technology; training scenarios proved quite popular which is aligned closely to TSSG’s current research and development focus.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies are not only reserved for gamers, they bring considerable potential across a variety of industries ( Pharma,Construction,Health etc). Across the Big Pharma sector they offer new virtual solutions, enriching the educational and learning experiences of the users and providing organisations with the ability to reduce costs for various processes. The VR/AR trend across these sectors has started.”

But why stop there? To find out how AR and VR can transform your industry and how your company can reap the benefits, please contact Frances Cleary at

TSSG thanks Sanofi and the PDA for their warm welcome.

Written by Denise Manton (Technology Gateway Manager)