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Participants needed to help decide the future of the Internet

By 2nd January 2019 No Comments

Participants of all ages are required for the Global Citizens’ Debate on the future of Internet that will consist of hundreds of non-expert citizens worldwide

TSSG are facilitating and participating in the ‘We, the Internet’ global citizen debate which will contribute to the future internet to empower citizens.

The debate, organised by Missions Publiques and an ecosystem of partners including TSSG are launching a Global Citizens’ Debate on the future of Internet that will engage hundreds of non-expert citizens worldwide. This first round will take place between 2018 and 2019, with hundreds of people meeting in 12 countries around the globe.

We are seeking participants from the South East of Ireland, young and old with varying levels of internet knowledge.

Speaking about the Global Debate; Paul Malone, Researcher at Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) says “As part of the Next Generation Internet initiative, we recognise that the voice of the citizen is often unheard in defining the future Internet and the services it will deliver. This global debate is a great opportunity for civilians to have their say in how future iterations of the Internet should best serve society and its citizens.” The Ireland element of this global debate contributing to the future of the Internet will take place at WIT’s West Campus in early January 2019.

Interesting in taking part?

All are welcome to register whether you use the internet daily or not at all. People interested in participating, should first fill out a 2-minute questionnaire available from: and will be contacted by organisers.

The participants selected to partake in the Global Citizens’ Debate will receive a €100 gift voucher and lunch will be provided.

Please see for more information.