Ms. Kriti Bhargava defends her PhD Thesis

By 17th January 2019 No Comments

Thank God! Those were the first two words that came to mind when somebody asked me how I felt after Kriti’s Viva. Everybody in the room laughed when I said it. The words came so fast I did not get a chance to filter what I was saying. It turned out to be funny which is not often the case when one speaks before thinking. I was lucky that time.

Emotions got the better of me. Kriti and I worked together for 4 years on the Precision Dairy project. Though I was her supervisor, she grew up professionally so much over those years. Fresh graduate at first, at the end she worked on a manuscript for a Tier 1 journal almost on her own. By the way, that submission got accepted! Anyway, 4 years of hard work, stress, pressure, working with me and other day-to-day realities of a research project lead to Kriti’s PhD Viva where she faced Yevgeni and Bernard. I was delighted and nervous to see Kriti fend the two heavy weights of the research world. Kriti in her element parried all their questions and came out a winner! Thank God! She had worked hard and deserved that! Well done, Kriti! You’ll do great things! University of Coventry are lucky to have you working as a postdoc!