TransSec Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communications Demo

By 21st February 2019 No Comments

TransSec is an intelligent road transport security system project, funded under the Horizon 2020 Programme. TransSec is a consortium of researchers, innovators and businesses from across Europe, committed to delivering a solution to the recent rise of vehicle-based terror attacks across Europe. TransSec aims to introduce autonomous systems to detect and prevent such incidents from occurring.

There were several deliverables due at the end of year 1 of the TransSec project, one of these is the V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) demonstrator which captures the capabilities of the project to be able to transmit the TransSec Risk to surrounding vehicles over the standard ITS channels. This video captures the HMI for the demonstrator where the vehicles are constantly communicating using CAM messaging and when a risk event is triggered (manually via the HMI) the risk message is transmitted to all surrounding vehicles via DENM messaging.

To learn more about TransSec visit their website