piSCES & Smart Energy Usage

The Smart Energy team are working with industrial users with large 24/7 loads who have a degree of flexibility in the timing of that usage. This may be in the form of thermal loads such as cold storage or ice making. Prediction and Optimisation algorithms are being used to ramp up or slow down processes within set parameters to economically optimise usage against time of use market tariffs and available renewable generation.

Meet the TSSG team who leads piSCES, just one Smart Energy project this group are working on which consists of 2 research partners and 2 implementation partners across Ireland and Wales.

Sean Lyons – PI and project manages the team as well as the partners. Also point of contact for the implementation and market trials.


John McLaughlin – Senior engineer, architect and prediction modelling for the renewable energy modules


Jason Whelan – Engineer involved in platform development and algorithm integration


Niall Grant – Engineer involved in platform development and modelling


Kristina Matuleviciute – Front End Engineer



Phelim Dowling – V&V Test Engineer