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Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Video Series: Kevin Doolin

By 16th August 2019 No Comments

Kevin Doolin, Director of Innovation at TSSG, talks about enterprise, innovation and the importance of the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Network to the South East region in the first of their new interview series. 

The Technology Gateway Network is composed of 15 specialist gateways, situated within 11 Institutes of Technology around Ireland. We focus on key technology areas which are aligned to industry needs in areas such as polymers, photonics, mobile, coatings, industrial design, mechatronics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, wireless technologies and precision engineering. Each centre works in conjunction with industry to aid the research and development of innovative products and services through a dedicated team of specialised engineers.

The TSSG Gateway, based in Waterford Institute of Technology, is a one-stop-shop for industry to access cutting-edge knowledge and solutions in advanced mobiles services and service enablers. TSSG’s areas of expertise include:

  • Distributed & cloud-based mobile services
  • Next generation IP based voice and video
  • Virtual and augmented reality services
  • Location, context, smart space and social service enablers
  • Data science and mining

Technology Gateway Clusters

To boost the power and knowledge of the Gateways, three unique gateway clusters have been developed to enhance the delivery of research and innovation for Irish SMEs. These clusters are in the areas of Applied Internet of Things (A-IoT), Engineering, Materials and Design (EMD Ireland), and Food and Beverages.

TSSG is part of the Applied IoT Cluster which is a consortium of five Enterprise Ireland’s Technology Gateways, providing a single point of contact for companies looking to access technical capabilities for Internet of Things (IoT) research and development. Via the cluster, industry can connect with 300 research professionals in software, hardware, communications/networks, data analytics, control, UI/UX and trialling. The A-IoT Cluster is open to all companies of any size, nationally and internationally.