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TSSG co-hosts ACM NanoCom in the Science Gallery

By 9th October 2019 No Comments
Pictured is TSSG staff at ACM NanoCom in the Science Gallery with Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz. 
The TSSG recently co-organized the 6th Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) International Conference on Nanoscale Computing and Communication (NanoCOm) in Science Gallery, Dublin between September 25th – 27th. The conference was a success that saw more than 60 participants from over 20 different countries presenting papers from novel metamaterials that can be used for future wireless communications, all the way to engineering genetic circuits within cells to control communications within various parts of the body (e.g., cardiomyocycte cells in the heart, emission of exosomes within the brain). There were in total three keynote speakers that includes Andrea Alu from City University New York presenting on “Metamaterials to Manipulate and Process Light at the Nanoscale”, Mikhail Shapiro from California Institute of Technology presenting on “Talking to Cells: Biomolecular Engineering for Non-Invasive Imaging and Control of Cellular Function”, and Assaf Gilad from Michigan State University presenting on “Electromagnetic-Biological Interface”. The conference also hosted seven invited speakers where example talks included electro-chemical sensing for molecular communication systems, decision making in bacterial quorum sensing communication, and quantum communications.  Next year will see the conference hosted at University of Maryland, College Park.