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All you need to know about’s 1st Open Call Webinar, 26 March 2020, 15:00 – 16:00 CET

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This webinar is the first of a series to be organised around the Open Calls. It will introduce the project and opportunities and will follow with a deep dive-into the details of the first Open Call, including the NGI topic focus areas where experiments will be funded.

The webinar is free and open to all interested stakeholders. Registration is required here.


More information on the Open Calls:

From April 2020 until November 2021, will launch 5 Open Calls for Proposals, with a total budget of 2.8 Million Euro. The calls are open to European organisations – SMEs, large enterprise, public organisations – wishing to carry out high-quality Research & Innovation activities, with a US-based counterpart, on NGI experimental platforms.

The first Open Call is scheduled to be launched on 1st April 2020, open until 31st May 2020 with a budget of €600k.

Please note that the proposals must have an EU – US partnership to be eligible.

Projects will be funded from €50k through to €150k

  • Long-term lasting up to 6 months
  • Short-term lasting up to 3 months

Listed below are some of the topics we are expecting to receive project proposals for the 1st call, where a total of €600k is available are:

  1. Privacy and Trust enhancing technologiesexperimentation of results on the NGI call topic related to the development of robust and easy to use technologies to help users gain improved trust and greater control when sharing their personal data, attributes and information.
  2. Decentralised data governanceexperimentation of results on the NGI call topic related to leveraging distributed open hardware and software ecosystems based on blockchains, distributed ledger technology, open data and peer-to-peer technologies with particular focus on ethical, legal and privacy issues, as well  the concepts of autonomy, data sovereignty and ownership, values and regulations.
  3. Discovery and identification technologies – experimentation of results on the NGI call topic related to new methods of search, discovery, and access of large heterogeneous data sources, services, objects and sensors, devices, multimedia content, etc. and which may include aspects of numbering; providing contextual querying, personalised information retrieval and improved quality of experience.

Webinar details:

When: 26 March 2020, 15:00 CET

How: Zoom

The webinar is free and open to all interested stakeholders.  Registration is required here