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TSSG Researcher Jim Clarke takes part in “The contribution of NGI in re-design the post COVID-19 society” Webinar

By 26th May 2020 No Comments

On the 20th of May, 2020, Jim Clarke of the Telecommunications Software and Systems Group of WIT participated in a webinar organised by the NGI TETRA project. The webinar was entitled “The contribution of NGI in re-design the post COVID-19 society”. The aim of the webinar was to ask questions such as, What has been the contribution of the internet during the world lockdown? What worked and what didn’t work? What are the emerging needs of the post COVID-19 society? How those needs can be addressed while respecting the fundamental values of privacy, participation and diversity? What can be the contribution of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative for innovative human internet services?

The webinar promoted an interactive reflection to bridge the NGI mission with the rapid evolving needs of the post COVID-19 society. Together with the NGI community the panel identified the emerging opportunities for NGI visionary start-ups, researchers and developers.

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative aims at developing a more human-centric Internet supporting the values of openness, decentralisation, inclusiveness, and protection of privacy while also giving the control back to the end-users, in particular of their data, in order to increase trust in the Internet. This requires more transparent services, more intelligence, greater involvement and participation, leading towards an Internet that is more open, robust, more interoperable and more supportive of social innovation. In doing so, NGI engages Internet’s best innovators in addressing tech opportunities as well as validate and test relevant minimum viable products and services in real market conditions.

The webinar began by providing an overview on how internet usage changed during the crisis, there was two round table discussions with short keynotes on how the NGI initiative’s values and mission can respond to the challenges posed by the COVID 19 crisis on society.

The round table involved a number of the NGI representatives, including Mr. Clarke, who coordinates the project within the initiative. Mr. Clarke presented some ideas on how the current first open call of the EU – US project could be used to carry out projects related to the detection and mitigation of the COVID-19 virus and how we can cope in a post COVID-19 society with key enabling technologies of NGI.


Jim Clarke and some of the other Speakers and Moderators taking part in the Webinar