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TransSec: reflection before the final review

By 30th January 2021 No Comments

After what can only be described as the most unconventional year due to the Covid-19 pandemic which wreaked global havoc, the EU funded TransSec project is coming to an end. The official final review for the project is due to take place, virtually, in January 2021. All of the partners are working together to make available all of the information and achievements for the PO and reviewers.

Part of this process is to take a step back from the day to day activities of the project and reflect on what the team is attempting to achieve. At the beginning of the project, the team set out to achieve 6 key objectives:

Analysis: To obtain a more comprehensive analysis of a situational context using a data fusion module that fuses and processes vehicle monitoring data.

Detection: One of the primary objectives of the project is pre-crash detection implemented onboard the vehicle to detect vulnerable objects on/off-road.

Manoeuvring: Our aim is to implement an autonomous system into vehicles in order to perform emergency manoeuvring procedures to bring a vehicle to a safe halt in the case of a potential crash being detected.

Positioning: Precise vehicle positioning is critical to the project. This includes both on-road (lane) and off-road positioning and navigational systems.

Security: Another primary objectives for the project is to implement a highly-secure network of communication systems for V2V, V2I and V2P communications to be used for critical information exchange.

Monitoring: Vehicle movement will be monitored closely, especially during transport of dangerous goods. The TransSec platform will incorporate the alarm/eCall system within its implementation.

As these objectives have resulted in a tangible solution to significant societal problems, the  initial plan was to not only showcase a pilot carried out by professional drivers to project reviewers, but also a host public day where members of the public, press and related industry were invited to attend a series of presentations, talks and live drives around the city of Stuttgart to unveil the TransSec truck to the public. Unfortunately, the ongoing global health crisis forced the consortium to cancel these for public health safety reasons which have left the consortium with a sense of anti-climax. As a result the consortium have been motivated to make the final review a worthy replacement.

V2X Demonstrators

The WIT consortium members created a video in an effort to showcase all of the demonstrators for the V2X work package. While these demonstrators were due to be part of the live demonstrations, they give an excellent insight on the progress and achievements of the project to the review panel.

For more information on this project contact Martin Tolan