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Podcast: Work Placements and Internships

By 25th February 2021 No Comments

The Machine is a computer science education podcast discussing technology and related issues from Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT). Hosted by lecturer Rob O’Connor, faculty and students explore a wide range of topics related to computing and technology. Hosted by Rob O’Connor. All opinions are personal and do not represent Institutional views.

This episode is arguably the most directly relevant episode for current WIT students as it discusses the complex world of internships and work placements. While there’s obviously a focus on the IT industry, many of the themes the speakers touched on are universal and cross every discipline.

Despite the ongoing COVID situation, work placements and internships are still going ahead in the tech industry. Rob spoke with three stakeholders to get different perspectives on how things have been proceeding. James Richardson is a final year computing student at WIT who completed his placement with Red Hat last year, during the first phases of the pandemic. David Ryan of WIT’s ICT research centre, TSSG (soon to become Walton Institute) gave the employer’s perspective on how interns are managed and mentored during COVID times and normal times. Finally Tracy Murphy, the work placement manager in the Dept. Of Computing & Mathematics at WIT was on hand to provide the academic viewpoint and “bigger picture” view.

James kept an insightful blog about his journey from serving in the US Navy to studying in WIT, to interning in Red Hat here which you can read here ->