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Technology Insights Webinar on Augmented/Virtual Reality

By 26th February 2021 No Comments

On January 28th 2021, TSSG hosted an Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Insights Webinar based on Augmented and Virtual Reality. The webinar was presented by Stephen Barnes, Research Software Developer in TSSG’s interactive technologies team. Stephen talked in depth about AR, VR and MR and gave real world examples of each.

The webinar highlighted how TSSG can help new and existing companies with AR/VR middleware software development, AR/VR application development and AR/VR for education and training. Participants also experienced a virtual tour of the Mixed Reality Lab in TSSG launched in 2020 and discovered more about the multiple AR/VR projects Stephen and his team have delivered for companies of all sizes. Lastly, Stephen talked about the award winning TSSG CoronaVRus experience which illustrates social distancing in a virtual environment as well as handwashing techniques. The webinar was closed out with an insightful Q&A session with the Mark Whelan, the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Network Manager.