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At TSSG, we have created an environment that encourages creativity and extraordinary thinking.

Through individual autonomy and complete structural transparency, everyone is given the opportunity to perform ground breaking research and is expected to deliver an extraordinary performance.  Interested in joining us?  Check out our current vacancies below.

What Our Staff Say

“The best part about my PhD programme at TSSG has been the freedom to choose a research topic of my interest, great supervision, range of useful academic resources, and opportunities and funding to attend and present my work at international conferences. I am, particularly working on the SFI Precision Dairy project that aims at inter-disciplinary research to develop ICT solutions for precision farming. The work under the project not only gave me the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies but also set up my own testbed for experimental study. I believe it is absolutely essential for a PhD degree to push you beyond your comfort zone and elevate you to the next level, and I am pleased to acknowledge that TSSG has helped me get there. Over the years, I have worked with a wonderful team of researchers from all over the world. My interactions with other academics has helped me gain different perspectives as well as improve my interpersonal skills. TSSG has a beautiful campus and a wonderful workforce that made it so easy for me to settle down in a new country.”

Kriti BhargavaPhD student

“I have to say that my primary motive to move to Waterford was to do my PhD in TSSG. I was impressed with the innovative research found here, and I wanted to be a part of it. During my PhD period in TSSG, I have acquired proper training and education that lead to excellent publication record, including in prestigious IEEE journals such as the IEEE Transactions on Communication and the IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience. More importantly, my mindset, as a researcher, was shaped into TSSG mentality, which is focused on working in real exciting world problems. With that, I was able to secure my Government of Ireland Post-doc Fellowship with the Irish Research Council right after my PhD conclusion, working on the novel theoretical treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease using Molecular Communications and Control Theory. During my first year as a post-doc, I got to be the PI for the CDaaS Commercialization Funding success, which allows me to work in the healthcare industry utilising the expertise around machine learning built over the years working in TSSG. These collective actions have given me excitement and confidence to keep our innovative research in TSSG expanding, attracting more researchers to Waterford and towards global recognition of the fantastic work that we are doing here.”

Dr. Michael BarrosPostdoc Researcher

“I’ve been with TSSG since June 2015 and in that time I have had the opportunity to work with many new technologies (and some older ones I hadn’t used before) across the various projects I’ve worked on. I find that there’s always something new to learn in order to get over a hurdle and I get a great sense of satisfaction when a challenge has been overcome. The projects I’ve worked on have been quite varied in terms of size, client profile, and of the Technology used, but the one consistency between them has been the adherence to AGILE and SCRUM principals and the total commitment to delivery. Using skill-centered, self-managed teams we implemented the practices and processes that ensured that we not only met our deadlines, but produced quality work. I feel that this will continue to be the hallmark of TSSG into the future and it's part of why I enjoy working here. The flexible working environment within TSSG has also allowed me to pursue my Masters degree on a part-time basis. I am allowed to attend lectures during the working day and my fees are taken care of also. Finally, I am also now part of an EU funded research project, which is a new exposure for me as I come from a purely commercial background. The research area is another aspect of TSSG that is broadening my horizons and is making for a varied and interesting career.”

David LaniganSoftware Developer

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