Research Theme

Knowledge Defined Networks 

The emergence of virtualisation technologies has revolutionised how services are delivered over the Internet and paved the way for the ‘Software as a Service’ model used within Cloud Computing. This is also revolutionising the telecommunications industry, meaning operators will no longer depend on expensive hardware systems to deliver dedicated network functions. These functions can be virtualised and run on cheap commodity hardware, impacting on the overall cost of network operators’ investments.

Commodity hardware can also be distributed geographically and opportunistically to allow improved and customised services to be delivered across a distributed network of compute resources. However, the management and operation of virtualised systems over such infrastructure becomes increasingly more complex. Under Knowledge Defined Networks, we apply novel Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning techniques to dramatically improve the management of virtualised telecommunication networks and services.

Alan Davy

Senior Research Fellow

Shagufta Henna
Bernard Butler

Research Fellow

Mubashir Rehmani

PostDoc Researcher

Kanika Sharma
Nikita Jalodia

PhD Student

John Byabazaire

MSc Student

Adnan Mahmood
Mike Donohoe
Fayaz Akhtar

PhD Student

Genaro Longoria

PhD Student

Junaid Ali

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