Futurescope 2020

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Futurescope 2020

| The Convention Centre, Dublin

What is Futurescope?

On 1st April 2020, 1600+ of those most active in the tech and entrepreneurial ecosystems will gather at FutureScope in the Convention Centre Dublin to explore the implications of emerging technologies. Business leaders will share insights on the challenges coming down the track, how emerging technologies will impact on business and society, the market opportunities that will arise and the implications of disruption and innovation.

FutureScope attracts innovators and innovation seekers. It aims to identify collaboration opportunities between start-ups, scale-ups, tech multinationals, innovative Irish enterprise, the research community and investors.

FutureScope – where business gets done.

FutureScope 2020 Hot Topics

  • The Future of Connectivity: 5G will enable an era of connectivity like never before from autonomous driving, tactile internet, immersive technologies and next-generation IoT applications.
  • A Future Shaped by Climate: Addressing the big challenges, from climate to carbon. The role of technology in reaching a low carbon economy: renewables, cleantech, electric vehicles, carbon capture and storage.
  • The Business of Health: From hospital to home – how technology can enable that shift. We look at rapid advancements in MedTech and wearable technology and the role of AI and IoT in healthcare.
  • The Reality of an AI Future: AI is promised to touch all aspects of humanity. How much of the hype is based in reality and how can we expect AI to impact on work, play, healthcare delivery, mobility, cybersecurity.
  • A Secure Future: Information, misinformation and disinformation. How can technology help us be smart about big data? How can we be secure when technology is evolving faster than our understanding of it?
  • Future Business: Innovation, disruption and the response to disruption. How to start in Ireland and scale internationally, and what are investors really looking for?