Smart Agri Hubs and IoF 2020 Partners Event 2019

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Smart Agri Hubs and IoF 2020 Partners Event 2019

| Prague, Czech Republic

First, the IoF2020 Partners Event is organised together with the kick-off of the SmartAgriHubs project. Also led by Wageningen University & Research, SmartAgriHubs complements the objective of IoF2020 perfectly: To stimulate the uptake of IoT-technology in the agri-food sector. There will be many opportunities for synergy during the event, to meet and exchange thoughts with partners in both projects.

Second, 14 new consortia will join the IoF2020 ecosystem. During the Partners Event they will present themselves and the solutions that seduced the Open Call reviewers.

Last but not least, the event will be held in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. The venue is near the city centre, allowing for easy city trips on the free time. It will host a demonstration of IoF2020 use cases in an exhibition together with innovation experiments from SmartAgriHubs.

The two events, the IoF2020 Partners Event and the SmartAgriHubs Kick-off Conference will take place from 4 to 8 March in Prague.

4 – 5 March | SmartAgriHubs Kick-off Conference
6 March | Synergy Day for IoF2020 and SmartAgriHubs
7 – 8 March | IoF2020 Partners Event