The European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming

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The European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming

| University College Cork

Today Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) technology is a reality. New technologies are changing the shape of the agriculture industry across the globe, with improvements in cow genetics and feeding systems as well as farmer well-being. Precision dairy farming is an inherently interdisciplinary field incorporating concepts from (bio) informatics, biostatistics, grass and animal breeding, animal husbandry and nutrition, machine learning, sensor networking, autonomic network management and engineering. The potential benefits of precision farming systems include increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved product quality, reduced environmental impact, and improved animal health and welfare, thereby facilitating a holistic approach to sustainable farming (i.e. economic, environmental, stakeholder perception, and food security).

On Wednesday 28th, Dr. Sasi Balasubramaniam is presenting as part of VistaMilk on “Emerging Communication Paradigms for Future Precision Farming”.

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