Professional Software Engineering Services

Professional Software Engineering Services

PSES is a team of highly talented UX Designers, Software Testers and Software Engineers with a cumulative experience of over 30 years.

From critically reviewing and translating a business idea to an innovative user experience, to identifying the best tools and technologies, to facilitating every aspect of software development and development methodologies, PSES has a tremendous reputation in providing software development, test and consultancy support in a very cost effective manner.

Our experience spans a broad range of technology and business domains including Mobile, Telecoms, Big Data, eHealth, Autonomics and Network Management

Committed to building innovative research,  design and engineering solutions, the PSES team have worked with some of the most demanding start-ups, as well as mid-to-large enterprises, across multiple domains and platforms. We have a seasoned team of Frontend, Backend, Test, UX / UI Designers and DevOps practitioners who guide and support our clients in delivering disruptive solutions within challenging timelines and environments for our clients.

Our teams follow the agile software development methodology, and function in a CI/CD environment, to continually incorporate customer feedback into the development process, while managing project scope and timelines; delivering products that delight end-users and help companies outperform competition.

Our Services

At TSSG PSES, we collaborate with you to define the scope of the project, the agile project plan, and the processes that deliver the highest quality solution with transparent project execution. Combining agile development practices with our world class research we deliver fit-for-purpose software solutions that scales with your business needs.

Software Consultancy

We help you figure the best way to do it.

PSES are a highly experienced team who have worked with a vast range of tools and technologies over the years. This gives PSES a unique advantage to underpin the right tools and technologies, along with industry standard development methodologies and processes to achieve desired cost-effective solutions.

Software Development

We help you do it.

PSES has worked with many high technology companies as part of their software development teams which requires PSES team members to be embedded in an organisation’s development teams. Success is achieved through PSES team members being extremely professional and adaptable to integrate successfully with the client organisation. Another key to our success is PSES team members possessing strong written and verbal communications skills which are invaluable when working with clients in different time zones.

Product Development

We do it for you.

PSES has developed bespoke software applications for national and international clients working independently of the client’s development teams. Success is achieved through diligent application of agile practices and constant client involvement and feedback.

Product Testing

We test it for you.

PSES Test team work with you to design a test suite of both manual and automated tests for your project / product delivering comprehensive testing for your products success.

Software Engineering Practices

At TSSG, software development starts with an agile mindset, this is reflected in how we assist companies in translating their business requirements into user stories to deliver end user value at the end of every sprint. Understand domain actors, goals and responsibilities. Question if requirements are unclear. Deliver rapid prototypes, conduct independent code reviews and unit testing prior to commit. Test beyond functionality, which includes scale and performance, usability and security. Develop user centric experiences and visual designs. Ensure continuous integration and continuous delivery. Our professional software engineering practices help our clients to profit from our superior research, technical skills and agile software development process know-how. We have successfully executed many agile projects working with globally distributed engineering teams across multiple time zones.

Verification Practices

Software Testing at TSSG extends beyond test execution to exploit opportunities in engineering quality from the get-go. PSES Verification and Validation team are engaged from the inception of every project, starting with the architecture and design work. VnV continue to work with PSES developers during unit testing, and helps to define detailed test plans for end to end system testing. During the setup phase of a project, VnV Engineers champion a continuous integration automated build cycle, incorporating unit test coverage and execution of acceptance tests to reduce regression and to ensure that each step of the solution is building high quality at the end of every sprint rather than testing quality into the solution.

Validation Practices

Integrating software testing throughout the development process is critical to success. Test planning and execution should keep pace with development sprints to ensure that quality is built into every layer of the solution. Defining vertical user stories, that encompass the entire set of end to end activities involved in completing the user story, as part of a product increment helps in building quality features throughout the solution.

PSES Areas of Expertise
Project Management
Development Processes and Methodologies (Lean and Agile)
Continuous Integration Tools and Technologies (Jenkins, Gerrit, Git, Jira, etc)
Mobile Development (Native and Hybrid, iOS and Android)
Web Development (Frontend & Backend)
Database Technologies (RDBMS and NoSql)
Solution Architecture Design & Development
Infrastructure & System Design
Cloud Service Development (AWS, Heroku)
System Scalability and Robustness
Behaviour-driven Development & Test-driven Development (BDD, TDD)
Requirements Gathering and Storyboarding
Propel Innovation Success with the TSSG PSES team
Work with the same high-quality software development & research teams that have worked with many successful start-ups and enterprises. We have been a partner of choice for some of the most discriminating tech leaders and company’s due to our cutting-edge research, development & test skills, agility and attitude.
Catherine Cunniffe

PSES Unit Manager

Phelim Dowling

Senior Software Test Engineer

Patrice Boleguin

Senior Software Test Engineer

David Lanigan

Senior Software Engineer

Abdul Ghafoor

Software Engineer

Richard Britto

Experienced Software Engineer

Nithya Arumugaam

Senior Software Test Engineer

Cheryl Baldwin

Experienced UI / UX Designer Developer

Thomas McDonald

Experienced UI / UX Designer Developer

Dave Hearne

Senior UX Designer / Developer


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