The ceFIMS-CONNECT project was initiated in March 2014 and aims to continue the good work of the ceFIMS project in supporting the European Future Internet Forum (FIF) and the development of National FI chapters. The earlier work of the ceFIMS project has successfully laid the groundwork for a more strategic and coordinated investment in the Future Internet in Europe and at Member State levels.

The project website is available at

ceFIMS-CONNECT represents the Enabling phase, supporting the engagement of National and European FI stakeholders to realise the measures and recommendations set out in the final ceFIMS roadmap (available here: ceFIMS Final Roadmap) and the full potential offered by closer coordination and integration.

Based on the foundation laid by ceFIMS, ceFIMS-CONNECT will carry out the following:

  1. Supporting the European Future Internet Forum (FIF) by providing a Secretariat;
  2. Supporting Member State and Associate State Future Internet initiatives and the National FI Chapters, facilitating information sharing, providing support for the National FI Chapters and delivering services that can add value to Member State and Associate State FI initiatives and strategies; and
  3. Undertaking targeted dissemination activities to Member States and Associate States, specifically through the dissemination of the achievements of inter-Member State cooperation and joint initiatives in the Future Internet.

The project has already published several documents, outlining the strategy and work done to date in achieving its goals.

  • ceFIMS-CONNECT FIWARE Accelerators promotion recommendations 
    Report based on ceFIMS-CONNECT partner’s experience extracted from different events and actions related to FIWARE and organized mainly in Spain and Poland. Report documents lessons learned and recommendations for the Member States and Associated Countries in order to improve the impact of their own events, workshops or actions and help to make the most of the FIWARE acceleration programme.
  • Guildelines for Gathering information on Future Internet Research & Innovation structures at the national level . This summary outlines work being carried out in Work package 3 related to finding a standardised way of gathering data from each of the Member States and Associated Countries in terms of their diverse and heterogeneous Future Internet Research & Innovation national funding structures for projects and initiatives.
  • D4.2 Newsletter & Outreach  – A newsletter to publicise MS national initiatives and project news (published in August 2014).
  • D4.4 Newsletter & Outreach – A newsletter to publicise MS national initiatives and project news (published in February 2015).

Since December, 2014, ceFIMS-CONNECT has a dedicated publication entitled FIF Monitor, where the FIF members could highlight events, projects, initiatives, best practices, etc. related to Future Internet activities in their countries. There are three distinct Monitors:

  • FIF Monitor – existing publication contributions from FIF members summarizing national FI and 5G developments, success stories, best practices;
  • FI Monitor – contributions from National and European projects or initiatives with special interest in the Future Internet (FI) domain;
  • 5G Monitor –contributions from all projects or initiatives (national and European) with special interest in the 5th generation mobile networks.

If you would like to publish an item via the ceFIMS-CONNECT Monitor, please go to the project site for further directions.