DISCOVERY has established the Transatlantic ICT Forum as a mechanism to promote policy debate and provide opinions and recommendations for cooperation between Europe and North America and to become a permanent platform for EU-North America cooperation in ICT.

Its three Working Groups on funding mechanisms, ICT policy and regulations, and cybersecurity. gather relevant experts from North America and Europe.

DISCOVERY identifies ICT priorities of common interest for EU-North America cooperation and support innovation partnerships for collaboration in ICT R&I projects. To engage the industry and researchers from both sides of the Atlantic and identify challenges for ICT R&I cooperation, we will organize the ICT Discovery Lab, a cycle of interactive workshops supported by participatory and co-creative techniques, and Capacity-building Workshops promoting collaboration opportunities under H2020 and US and Canada Programmes.

The DISCOVERY consortium brings together 9 partners from Europe, US and Canada: INMARK Europa (Spain) Life Supporting Technologies – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain),  Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland), NordForsk (Norway), Hewlett Packard (Italy), Georgia Tech Research Corporation (US), European American Chamber of Commerce – New Jersey (US), OCAD University (Canada), NSERC Strategic Network for Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastructures – SAVI (Canada).

  • To create the Transatlantic ICT Forum as a sustainable mechanism to support dialogues for EU-North America cooperation in the field of ICTThe Transatlantic ICT Forum will promote policy debate and provide opinions and recommendations on crucial issues facing the EU-US and EU-Canada dialogues in ICT. Under the umbrella of the ICT Forum, three Working Groups have been established on funding mechanisms, ICT policy and regulations, and cybersecurity.
  • To synchronize project events with EU-US and EU-Canada dialogue meetings and ICT-related eventsThe objective is to create synergies, increase visibility and maximize impact. DISCOVERY events will be synchronized where possible with bilateral S&T Agreements’ events, like the EU-US S&T Joint Consultative Group and the EU-Canada Joint S&T Coordination Committee (JSTCC) meetings.
  • To set up DISCOVERY “Doorknock” outreach to relevant US and Canada funding programmes supporting ICT R&I collaborationSecuring funding to cover the participation of countries that are not automatically eligible to receive funding from the Horizon 2020 budget like the US and Canada has become crucial, particularly to encourage meaningful industry participation.DISCOVERY will identify relevant US and Canada programmes and funding mechanisms for ICT, at federal, state and province (in Canada) level, both accessible for North Americans and explicitly open to Europeans.
  • To identify ICT priorities of common interest and mutual benefit for EU-North America cooperation, by engaging with stakeholders to gather systematic information through consultation and providing input and follow up for the definition and implementation of multiannual roadmaps for future R&I cooperation between Europe and the US and Canada.A Report on ICT R&I Priorities for EU- North America cooperation will be produced based on mapping the ICT landscape and key insights from a survey that will be conducted among researchers, industry and government stakeholders in EU, US and Canada to identify areas of common interest.
  • To identify obstacles to participate in ICT R&I collaborative projects and mitigation steps to remove the obstaclesPerceived barriers and difficulties hindering participation both from US, Canada and Europe will be addressed, including access to financing programmes, lack of information, language barriers, administrative procedures, not least the limited number of US and Canada calls for proposals open to European participation.
  • To enhance innovation partnerships for EU-North America collaboration in ICT R&I projects, involving the industry, research and academia stakeholdersDISCOVERY involves world’s largest IT companies in the consortium (HPE) and through partners’ affiliated members, as well as SMEs, and is well positioned to facilitate interaction and networking among the innovation and knowledge triangle of research, industry and ICT policy across Europe, US and Canada.
  • To increase visibility of the project outcomes and raise awareness of opportunities for ICT R&I cooperation and partnership building between Europe, the US and CanadaThis will be achieved by leveraging DISCOVERY partners’ network multipliers of international leaders in research, academia, industry and government, including national research-financing agencies and government agencies.