With increasing age, the concern about one’s own health is gaining in importance – for the ageing adults as well as for their informal caregivers. It is well known that elderly people feel better living independently in their own homes for as long as possible. And today there is no question that everyone can influence their own state of health more than was believed in the past – particularly by sufficient movement and well a balanced nutrition.

Due to demographic changes the target group of the older adults is gaining more and more significance in the health care system of European countries. The number of older adults over 70 years will increase in the next 20 years by 40 per cent and in the same period it is expected that the percentage of people aged 80+ will double.

As a result of previous research it is also known that health and wellbeing are largely dependent on an active lifestyle, more than direct measures of the health care system.

The best investment into health for older adults is therefore the encouragement of active ageing.

Current information and communication technology (Internet and mobile devices in particular) will increasingly become a matter of course for the older generation. The use of technological solutions for enabling and sustaining management of activities of daily life will become more important in the near future.

The goal of INSPIRATION is it to help older adults to live a healthier life and to remain mentally and physically fit. Our project will provide a digital coach that will motivate them to be active – every day!

The Inspiration project will apply state of the art development processes through its experienced development partners. It will apply a user-centric design approach to guide the team through the requirements phase, the design and development of the system, the integration including the first informal usability tests and optimisations and finally the field trials and evaluation procedures. End-users will be involved in Switzerland and Belgium through local consortium partners.

In this process, special care will be given to a unified and intuitive user interface (UI) that appeals to people who are not familiar with technology and will also provide them with the functionality, which will be relevant to their current context (context-sensitive UI).

The project develops complex, distributed and connected software components running as apps on the mobile phone and as high level enterprise applications on the services servers.

INSPIRATION aims to provide health tips and motivation to the elderly to perform recurring movement exercises. A daily planner will schedule activities as well as integrating health tips into shopping lists. Activities will be recorded and displayed in a health agenda, where access permissions can be granted to relatives, friends and caregivers. By achieving the daily tasks and making people aware of these performed activities will be the main motivator to continue on.

INSPIRATION aims to deliver a comprehensive working prototype for mobile applications, which will be validated by end-users in Europe.

The systems main results will be:

  1. a unified and intuitive user interface that appeals to people who are not familiar with technology,
  2. provision of content regarding daily live activities and nutrition,
  3. provision of Inspiration management tools, including agendas and reminders
  4. basic information for third partners to display health status for caregivers and friends