OPENi – Open-Source, Web-Based, Framework for Integrating Applications with Cloud-based Services and Personal Cloudlets.

OPENi will directly address the lack of interoperability between cloud based services and enable applications to access and use a broad spectrum of existing cloud based functionality and content, consistently across different devices and platforms, in a way that enables a user-centric application experience. Targeting the needs of Application Developers, Services Providers and Consumers, OPENi will realize its vision for user-centric, cloud-connected, mobile applications.


OPENi will be an enabler for the Future Internet in the domain of mobile applications across different devices and platforms by:

  • Developing a new breed of applications that can make use of a broad spectrum of cloud-based functionality and content across devices.
  • Establishing a user-centric application experience, enabling users to store their personal data and content in the cloud and make it available across applications.
  • Promoting a novel mechanism for security and privacy, safeguarding access and use of cloud-based functionality and also security of user information stored in the cloud

OPENi will be a catalyser for the creation and deployment of novel, innovative applications through the provision of a set of breakthrough technologies, with low take up barrier, while protecting existing business models. Developing a European centre of excellence around this project in which European companies can convene and collectively drive innovation in the future Internet


OPENi will deliver a consumer-centric, open source mobile cloud applications solution that will be the catalyst for mobile application innovation advancement. The platform will incorporate an open framework that will be capable of interoperating with any cloud-based service, abstracting the integration challenges to a single open standard without losing any service features.

The Key Features of the OPENi platform are:

  • A common framework of web APIs to support easy integration of a broad spectrum of existing cloud-based services into applications in a platform-independent way
  • A variety of service enablers that will further enhance the richness of features available to application developers.
  • A cloudlet platform that will enable consumers that access cloud-based services through their applications to store and manage their personal data and content.
  • OPENi will base its specifications and delivered solutions on widely accepted and open web and cloud technologies so that the platform can be readily adopted by application developers without requiring any additional skills

The combination of the open API and the cloudlet concept creates a single platform of user data and service connectivity – making OPENi a very powerful and beneficial platform for consumers, application developers and service providers. The Figure below depicts how OPENi intends to interact with the service providers and the mobile applications.





30 months