The SERVO project has been an ongoing piece work within TSSG that combines our ICT experience with that of the grid industry experts in ESB networks to design and build an energy resource management platform that will make use of digitized grid data, generated in modern grid systems, to provide more dynamic and efficient technical and business processes.

SERVO stands for System wide Energy Resource and Voltage Optimisation and its uses, among others, is to enable all energy stakeholders to optimise energy flow in a world of renewable energy and unlock the full capacity energy networks in real time. This research is Contract Research and Development with ESB Networks.


The project implementation is mainly centered around levering the expertise of the user to define business requirements that will be converted into the software systems and components that compose the SERVO Platform.


In February 2018, the project won the Power Delivery and Utilization Interoperability Leadership Award from the Electric Power Research Institute.



Miguel Ponce de Leon, miguelpdl@tssg.org