To-Euro-5G supports the activities of the European 5G Initiative as outlined in the 5G contractual Public Private Partnership (cPPP). Our objectives include: (a) Maintaining and enhancing the competitiveness of the European ICT industry, and seeking European leadership in the 5G domain; (b) Supporting activities to implement the European 5G Action Plan; (c) Assembling an overview of the 5G-PPP projects trial/demo/showcase potential and encouraging any organisation performing such an activity to identify the “European 5G” basis of their public showcases; (d) Developing and implementing a strategic communications plan, including technical and social media channels, to ensure the best possible impact is achieved with the results of the 5G-PPP projects and the horizontal activities of the 5G- PPP programme; (e) Stimulating, organising and hosting strategic events and workshops where the European 5G achievements will be promoted on a global level; (f) Orchestrating an open, transparent and flexible 5G-PPP programme governance structure that facilitates good co- operation between the projects, the commission and the 5G Infrastructure Association.