A Meta-Learning Method for Concept Drift

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Runxin Wang, Lei Shi, Mícheál Ó Foghlú, Eric Robson
A Meta-Learning Method for Concept Drift
International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Information Retrieval (KDIR 2010)
(Sponsored by AAAI)
The knowledge hidden in evolving data may change with time, this issue is known as concept drift. It often causes a learning system to decrease its prediction accuracy. Most existing techniques apply ensemble methods to improve learning performance on concept drift. In this paper, we propose a novel meta learning approach for this issue and develop a method: Multi-Step Learning (MSL). In our method, a MSL learner is structured in a recursive manner, which contains all the base learners maintained in a hierarchy, ensuring the learned concepts are traceable. We evaluated MSL and two ensemble techniques on three synthetic datasets, which contain a number of drastic concept drifts. The experimental results show that the proposed method generally performs better than the ensemble techniques in terms of prediction accuracy.