Acquisition, Modelling and Visualisation of Inter-domain Routing Data

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Aranda Andrés Pedro Gutiérrez, Paul Malone, Mícheál Ó Foghlú, Stefan Michaelis, Jörn Seger
Acquisition, Modelling and Visualisation of Inter-domain Routing Data
2nd International Workshop on Inter-Domain Performance and Simulation (IPS 2004)

The INTERMON project aims at inter-domain IP QoS monitoring, measurement and modelling. An important part of this project is exploring the use of inter-domain data in these tasks. Inter-domain topology information provides a level of abstraction, which is much higher than at intra-domain level. The impact of inter-domain routing events on end-to-end QoS measurements is expected to be more drastic than the effect of possible intra-domain routing events in each of the domains. One of the scientific results expected from the INTERMON project is the validation or rejection of this hypothesis. This paper demonstrates how the INTERMON project captures, models and visualises this inter-domain topology information. The INTERMON project is funded by the European Commission under the FP5 Programme: IST-2001-34123. The approach proposed in this paper is less resource intensive since the independent BGP-4 probe does not access backbone routers.