Customisable Resource Discovery Services

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Willie Donnelly, Yves Nicol
Customisable Resource Discovery Services
eBusiness and eWork 2001
IOS Press
The advancement of the Internet as a primary source of both business and educational information is limited by the inefficiencies of present day search engines. In many cases the match between the user requirements and the Internet search results are limited is extremely poor. This paper presents a customisable resource discovery service, based on technologies such as CORBA and XML. The Resource Discovery Service (RDS) can improve the current search engines and offer better search accuracy for the users by using their profile information. The Resource Discovery Service implementation was started within the context of a European funded project GESTALT (Getting Education Systems Talk Across Leading Edge Technologies) whose objective was to develop a distributed distance learning system. The major requirement in developing a customisable RDS was the definition of a profile management service and an educational search service.