Daidalos II: Implementing a Scenario Driven Process

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Frances Cleary, Antonio Romero, Juergen Jaehnert, Yongzheng Liang
Daidalos II: Implementing a Scenario Driven Process
Proc. 3rd International Conference on Software Engineering Advances (ICSEA 2008)
IEEE Computer Society
User centric, scenario based design, implementation
User centric scenario based approaches, provide us with an opportunity to analyse, investigate, implement and evaluate new and innovative technologies within a large scale research project. It helps consortium partners focus on the end user and their needs, and provides direction during the requirements, and implementation phases of the projects lifecycle. The Daidalos II project actively uses this scenario based approach to implement and validate its innovative and new architectural advancements. Based on our experience of using a scenario based approach in Daidalos I, we now have reviewed our approach, and refined it to work more effectively for a large scale project, based on recommendations and feedback obtained. This paper will provide you with an overview of the various activities involved in the scenario design and implementation stage, discussing the scenario design methodology, criteria for final scenario selection, and selected scenarios.