Flexible Billing for a Personalised Mobile Services Environment

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Conor Ryan, Boris Rousseau, Cathal O’Riordan, S. Vejgaard-Nielsen
Flexible Billing for a Personalised Mobile Services Environment
Global Mobile Congress (GMC04)
The evolution of network technologies, service types and consumer demands have profound implications for accounting and billing. The application of traditional voice and data accounting methods to the contemporary IP based services of next generation networks have proven too cumbersome and hinder rather than help the process. 3G type services are exhibiting new characteristics that are far removed from their predecessors, leading to new and challenging ways to account for their usage. An alternative mindset is needed when considering the application of accounting principles (mediation, rating and billing) to this new evolution of services. WIT has prototyped a generic ASP based accounting solution that meets some of these emerging requirements. The solution has been trialled in the IST funded AlbatrOSS project. This paper presents a report on the approach used and lessons learned.