On the use of SHIM6 for mobility support in IMS networks

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John Ronan, Sasitharan Balasubramaniam, Adnan K. Kiani, Wenbing Yao
On the use of SHIM6 for mobility support in IMS networks
TridentCom ’08: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Testbeds and research infrastructures for the development of networks & communities
Innsbruck, Austria
The future of network communications is moving towards deployment of an all-IP core network. This has given rise to many devices hitting the market equipped with multiple network interfaces. However, in order to really benefit from such a heterogeneous network environment, applications must experience minimum disruption as they roam from one network to another, which requires seamless mobility support. Although, some mobility proposals have emerged (Mobile IPv6, and its extensions), none of them give satisfactory performance in terms of handover between different networks. In addition, they require infrastructural changes to the network and give poor performance in case of a failure. In this paper, we propose a mechanism to support mobility through a multi homing SHIM6 layer. The results show that our proposed mechanism outperforms Route Optimized Mobile IPv6.