Two Phase Rating of Dynamically Composed Services

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Gary Gaughan, Brendan Jennings
Two Phase Rating of Dynamically Composed Services
Information Technology & Telecommunications Annual Conference Cork (IT&T 2005)
To facilitate the realisation of true user centric computing, we must provide the necessary tools to enable services to become commercially viable and thus aid the proliferation of enhanced services around the user. Many computer science researchers are currently pursuing the vision of serviceoriented software architectures through which end-users can seamlessly access customised, potentially disposable services to aid them carry out a myriad of everyday tasks. Full realisation of this vision requires deployment of facilities for the dynamic discovery, composition, interoperation and execution monitoring of pre-existing networked software services, possibly administered by different organisations or originated by multiple developers. In this poster, we discuss the ongoing development of a rating engine designed to enable services to exist in such a domain.