Research Theme

Adaptive and Autonomous Algorithms  

In the future, humans won’t be replaced by machines, but we will be working closely with them. Adaptive Autonomous Systems are those that can reduce the workload and costs associated to human intensive tasks and applications. In TSSG, we apply the concepts developed over the last 15 years in the field of autonomic network management to a wide set of industries. Our expertise stems from the research carried out to make telecommunications networks much more cost effective to build and manage, such as those that sustain the Internet and mobile phone networks today.  

When these concepts are applied to networks of autonomous flying drones, or smart electricity network, or fleets of autonomous vehicles, the results dramatically improve system security, reliability, fault tolerance and availability.   

Dr Steven Davy

Research Unit Manager

Dr. Deirdre Kilbane

Senior Research Fellow

Sean Lyons 

Technical Lead

Micheal Crotty 

Applied Researcher

John McLaughlin 

Senior Sofware Researcher

Niall Grant 

Junior Software Developer

Christine O’ Meara 

Commercialisation Specialist

Dr. Stepan Ivanov

Research Fellow

Dixon Vimalajeewa

Postdoctoral Researcher

Kristina Matuleviciute 

Experienced Software Developer

Jason Whelan 

Software Engineer

David Ryan 

Senior Software Research Engineer

Darren Lenniston 

Junior Software Developer


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