Research Theme

Pervasive Sensing and Embedded Systems Controls

Pervasive Sensing addressing advanced communication, collection, storage and analysis of big data from pervasive sensors such as wearable, implantable and ambient sensors to facilitate continuous monitoring of a person. Application uses across both the transport and health sector for example

  1. various conditions such as Chronic Diseases (e.g. Diabetes & Cardiovascular diseases).
  2. Active Ageing (supporting independent living) and Neurodegenerative diseases with the goal of improving patient outcomes through targeted personalised healthcare.
  3. Human Machine Interface (HMI design) and applications for autonomous vehicles, across the transport vertical.

Embedded System Communications taking into consideration wearable and implantable wireless sensor network solutions and real-time cooperation of embedded and wearable sensor networks. Across the healthcare sector the capability to utilise such embedded system communications enables monitoring of patient’s health status at any time. Across the transport sector embedded systems communications opens the research gates around for example embedded traffic monitoring systems or Intelligent vehicles autonomous capabilities, self-regulatory, and self-repairing systems to improve safety, driver comfort, and efficient use of infrastructures.

Key areas of expertise 

  • Health – NLP in Healthcare  
  • NLP Use in remote patient care 
  • NLP Use in hospital environment 
  • NLP and block chain  
  • Health – Body Sensing Networks  
  • Health – Disease Modelling   
  • IOT sensors and data management platforms 
  • Remote monitoring of patients 
  • Transport – Evacuation Algorithms for Vehicles and Pedestrians  
  • Transport – Software Defined Radio  
  • Transport – Attribute Based Access Control – Cybersecurity 
  • 5G Technologies  
  • V2X Risk communications 
  • Outlier Detection 
Martin Tolan

Technical Lead

Nithin Padmaprabhu

Experienced Researcher

Dr. Ruisong Han

Postdoctoral Researcher

Phillip O Brien

Technical Lead

Yahya Almardeny

Junior Software Engineer

Gary McManus

Senior Researcher

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