Research Units

TSSG research is spearheading the development of next-generation digital technologies that enable seamless tech-mediated interaction.

The breadth of TSSG’s research expertise is unique globally and the Centre’s structure supports collaborative innovation with industry to unlock the potential of digital content. TSSG has attracted over €30million funding from research and industry collaborations.

Research Unit

Mobile Ecosystem & Pervasive Sensing

The Mobile Ecosystem & Pervasive Sensing (MEPS) Unit focus on the following key research themes:

  • Bio Nano Telecommunications
  • Pervasive Sensing
  • Embedded System Communications
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
Research Unit

Emerging Networks Laboratory

The Emerging Networks Laboratory (ENL), is a TSSG Research Unit comprising 23 researchers focussing on research challenges relating to the evolution of the communications networking and service technologies that will see widespread deployment in the next 10 years. ENL is recognised as a leading research group in the network and service management field worldwide, producing high quality scientific publications and graduating highly skilled PhD and MSc graduates. Its work is in large part driven by its research partnerships with the Irish R&D divisions of leading technology companies including IBM, Cisco, and Intel.

Research Unit

Programmable Autonomous Systems

The Programmable Autonomous Systems unit focus on the following key research themes:

  • Smart Energy
  • PAS Framework
Research Support

The Infrastructure Group

The Infrastructure Group (IG) builds and operates the underlying network and server infrastructure that the research and commercialisation projects build upon. The IG are also responsible for the TSSG Data Centre (DC) and TSSG’s 3 office buildings.

Research Support

Creative Design Unit

Advocates & practitioners of design-led innovation, the Creative Design Unit help create unique products that disrupt the market instead of adapting to it. The team’s expertise combines artistic ability with technical proficiency to design and create new technologies across both research and industry sectors.

Research Support

Professional Software Engineering Services

PSES is a team of highly talented Dev-Ops, Software Testers and Software Engineers with a cumulative experience of over 30 years, spanning a broad range of technology and business domains including Mobile, Telecoms, Big Data, eHealth, Autonomics and Network Management.

Special Interest Group

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Special Interest Group (AIML:SIG) focuses on supporting AI activities within the TSSG’s key thematic research and innovation areas. The emergence of AI as a disruptive technology over recent years is driving a market for applications across many sectors including agriculture, financial services, transport and healthcare. The AIML:SIG provides a means for sharing expertise across these domains with the aim of maintaining the high standards of AIML in the TSSG.

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