Research Theme

Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning algorithms have dramatically transformed the field of Artificial Intelligence in recent years and is not only driving a new breed of interaction models and interfaces to existing applications and services but also pushing the cognitive intelligence of technology forward at a rapid pace.

The A.I team are focusing on building cognitive intelligence algorithms to produce services capable of reasoning about their current environment. We are currently focusing on distributing AI algorithms over low powered mobile devices to use cognitive services that will compensate users with degenerative brain conditions. The work conducted by this team is driving the A.I. strand in the TSSG Brain Initiative project.

The core skills of the AI team comprise of data scientists that devise new distributed algorithms along with data engineers who build the distributed infrastructure which scales to the needs of the end users. The team have deep machine learning backgrounds and are also currently working on forecasting technologies for the Irish dairy sector and market segmentation technologies for the US insurance sector.

Voice-based AI needs to become even more intelligent - 6 mins

Eric Robson

AIML Research Unit Manager

Philip O’Brien

Senior Software Research Engineer

Deirdre Kilbane

PhD Student

Christine O’Meara

Commercialisation Specialist

John McGovern

Technical Lead

Gary McManus

Research Project Manager

Dr. Laurence Shalloo



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