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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies are achieving mass adoption in numerous sectors including education, manufacturing and gaming. Using a HMD “Head Mounted Display”, VR creates an environment via software that immerses the user in a virtual world which suspends belief.  AR is similar but uses holograms which are overlaid on the user’s real environment and enhances or adds to what they can see via data displays or 3D models. These technologies produce new immersive human machine interaction paradigms that are not only transforming how we consume information but also the speed of how we comprehend higher level concepts.

The research in the ARVR lab focus on two on main activities

AR/VR Communication Platforms: Future telepresence systems will not only require seamless communication in single or multi-user scenarios but also allow users to interact and collaborate in augmented or virtual environments.  The ARVR researchers are delivering a next generation enterprise and personal communication system at a much lower cost and barrier to entry to traditional systems.  They are investigating pre-scanning and real-time user capturing systems via depth sensing camera hardware, 3D mesh modification representation and enhancement, 3D mesh transmission and the use of adaptive level of detailing systems to manage and maintain quality of service between variable connections and disparate end user hardware systems.

NeuroVR As VR hardware improves through new technology and future iterations of existing hardware, users will experience increasingly immersive experiences.  Our research into the area of Neuro VR is currently investigating the relationship between the brain and the reactions within nerve clusters to specific and adaptive virtual stimuli.  The results of this research could potentially lead to new neuro-rehabilitation and treatment techniques in addition to bench marking and improving the level of immersion within VR worlds or applications.

VR and the Brain: How virtual reality can be used to help fix neurological disorders - 3:33 mins

Ian Mills

AR/VR Technical Lead

Steve Barnes

Graduate Software Developer


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