Research Theme

Embedded System Communications

This thematic area is focused on research relating to embedded sensing and control. This encapsulates research topics such as wearable and implantable wireless sensor network solutions and real-time cooperation of embedded and wearable sensor networks. Across the healthcare sector the capability to utilise such embedded system communications enables monitoring of patient’s health status at any time. Across the transport sector embedded systems communications opens the research gates around for example embedded traffic monitoring systems or Intelligent vehicles autonomous capabilities, self-regulatory, and self-repairing systems to improve safety, driver comfort, and efficient use of infrastructures. Also under this thematic area, there is a research focus around Risk communication (from a V2X and cooperative ITS point of view) and brain to vehicle (B2V) communication (focusing on brain to vehicle signal processing, reaction levels and impact on drivers ).

Tom Walsh

Senior Developer and Researcher

Peter Scanlon

Junior Researcher and Developer

Michael Hanlon

WIT Researcher – Human Movement Sciences

Richard Bolger

WIT Researcher – Biomechanics, Movement Specificity Resistance Training


All TSSG projects related to the Movement and Gait Analysis research theme

Elite Sports Performance

Elite Sports Performance (t/a Exerscout) is an Irish company who has been involved in evaluating the fitness and agility of subjects through evaluating fundamental movement patterns using the Functional Movement Screening (FMS) approach. Through this work in physical fitness training and evaluation and their ongoing research project in WIT, Elite Sports Performance has conducted FMS testing on 120 participants and is studying its ability to predict injury rates amongst this sample population. Elite Sports Performance also developed a relationship with the GSK Human Performance Lab operated by GlaxoSmithKiline which provided another channel to exploit the joint research between Elite Sports Performance and TSSG.

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