Research Theme

Fog Data Analytics

The maturation of the Internet of Things and Big Data technologies has produced some highly innovative services and applications. However, many application scenarios are constrained by low energy consumption or low latency requirements where it is necessary to utilise processing resources closer to the source of the data.

This Fog Data Analytics team focus on developing algorithmic processes that take advantage of available computing resources to deliver the best results in constrained environments. The objective of this research is to split up complex applications and process individual components using the most appropriate resources possible. The technologies delivered here work at the intersection of the Internet of Things, High Performance Computing and Fog Networking to produce highly novel applications for future society.

A prime example of this is our R&D activities in the precision agriculture sector where using technology, farmers are identifying and monitoring efficiencies in their environment. The key piece of technology our teams are working is using advanced Fog Data Analytics algorithms that infer fine-grained movement and behavioural patterns of dairy cows using energy efficient sensors. This research project is contributing to a highly novel animal wearables platform where further inferences are derived by our algorithms based on herd behaviour and interactions with their environment.

Eric Robson

AIML Research Unit Manager

Stepan Ivanov

Postdoctoral Researcher

Chamil Kulatunga

Experienced Postdoctoral Researcher

Kriti Bhargava

PhD Student

Dixon Vimalajeewa

PhD Student

Tom Curran

Senior Project Manager

Prof Willie Donnelly

President of Waterford Institute of Technology

Dr. Laurence Shalloo


Dr. Bernadette O’Brien


Dr. Donagh Berry


Dr. Joe O’Mahony



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Precision Dairy






All TSSG publications related to the Fog Data Analytics research theme


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