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Pervasive Sensing

Our research in this area is focused on achieving a passive monitoring model that facilitates a precision approach that can be utilised via applications across the health and transport sectors. This requires advanced communication, collection, storage and analysis of big data from pervasive sensors such as wearable, implantable and ambient sensors to facilitate continuous monitoring of a person. This thematic area also has collaborations with the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research Unit.

This type of research has application uses across both the transport and health sector for example 1) various conditions such as Chronic Diseases (e.g. Diabetes & Cardiovascular diseases), Active Ageing (supporting independent living) and Neurodegenerative diseases with the goal of improving patient outcomes through targeted personalised healthcare. Here in particular TSSG is pushing the boundaries through novel applications of 3D camera technologies for clinical movement and gait analysis 2) The work under this thematic area also incorporates Human Machine Interfaces (HMI – Interfaces (e.g. device or software) that allow humans to interact with machines). HMI design and applications for autonomous vehicles, across the transport vertical, is a hot topical area of relevance to this thematic area.

Tom Walsh

Senior Software Developer

Nithin Padmaprabhu

Experienced Researcher

Peter Scanlon

Experienced Developer

Ryan Stubbs

Junior Researcher

Ryan McCloskey

Junior Developer

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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