New TSSG Initiatives

TSSG Brain Initiative (TBI)

A new research area created in the TSSG in 2017.

The initiative is multidisciplinary and crosses between multiple Research Units. The decision to start this new initiative and research direction is due to the importance of this new research field globally, where we are witnessing large amount of investments both in Europe (EU FET Flagship “Human Brain Project”) and the US (Obama “BRAIN” initiative).

Digital Health Initiative

Explosive growth in academic research & commercial settings.

The field of Digital Health and associated Precision Healthcare initiatives is undergoing explosive growth both in academic research and commercial settings reflected by a growing body of ground breaking publications and findings, formation of new research centres, increase in patents filed and dramatic increase in start-ups and high profile acquisitions by major medtech, pharma and technology companies.

Agri-Tech Initiative

Substantial change in global population’s relationship with food.

This is not only driven by the rise in global population, but also changes in daily consumer consumption patterns and environmental conditions. The Agri-tech area focuses on investigating novel paradigms of how technology will transform food production to meet humanity’s demands in future. In particular we will be focusing on novel communication paradigms that will derive and relay information about dairy farming to drive a precision agriculture impact. 

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