Agri-Tech Initiative

Specialist Area Leader: Eric Robson

Eric Robson, Data Mining & Social Computing Manager, TSSG talks with Duncan Stewart, EcoEye on Precision Diary

Over the next 50 years, the global population’s relationship with food will see substantial change. This is not only driven by the rise in global population, but also changes in daily consumer consumption patterns and environmental conditions. The Agri-tech area focuses on investigating novel paradigms of how technology will transform food production to meet humanity’s demands in future. In particular we will be focusing on novel communication paradigms that will derive and relay information about dairy farming to drive a precision agriculture impact. 

Europe's Opportunity in Digital Agriculture.

Waterford Institute of Technology’s Telecommunication Software and Systems Group (TSSG) and the CONNECT Centre intend to host a day and a half networking and information event in Brussels with participants from academia, industry and policy to advance funding opportunities. The proposed event in Brussels will help promote our H2020 ICT IoT Large Scale Pilot, (Pilot 2: Smart Farming and Food Security) efforts while exploring recent research advances and innovation opportunities.

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ICT 2015

Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) and Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) goes to ICT2015 – Innovate, Connect, Transform to host a Session on ‘Agriculture 4.0 The Internet of Things boosting regional innovation’.

Session Format

The format of the session is designed to provoke discussions between different actors involved in ICT research and innovation and the agricultural value chain capturing both key problems and potential innovative approaches and solutions.

The session will begin with a series of pitches from pilot projects featuring innovative deployments of ICTs in the agro-food sector.

The second part of the session will be organised in 2-round world café format. A set of previously defined challenges will be discussed by the participants in small groups. Each group will be chaired by a moderator representing a particular segment of the industry.

Outcomes of the discussion will be captured on-site via bulletin boards with post-its, and will be shared via an infographic that will be produced following the workshop to summarise its results.

Expected Outcomes

To arrive at a set of high potential innovations in the agro-food sector that can add value to the sector, underpin regional competitiveness and enable European agriculture respond to the challenges and opportunities of a mounting global population, market pressures and increasing concern about environmental impacts. The application of ICT in agriculture has potential at all stages in the food chain – on-farm, through to processing and retailing – and this networking session is expected to identify new approaches to realising this potential.

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ICT – Agriculture Conference

Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) and Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) hosted an ICT – Agriculture Conference on May 1st, 2015.

Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agricultural and Rural Development was present to open the event. By bringing together people from both the Agricultural and ICT industries common opportunities can be identified and the potential captured as a national strategy geared towards developing an export focused ICT-Agriculture industry.

Find below ‘Ideations’ that were presented at the ICT – Agriculture Conference, on how we would like to drive forward collaborations.  Such collaborations can help position Ireland on a global scale and make a real economic impact for both the ICT and Agricultural industry.

At the event there were speakers from Ireland’s leading research bodies, leading farming organisations, and industry leaders, all of whom gave an insight into the challenges, opportunities and possible outcomes for everyone involved. (You can view these presentations below).

TSSG have a global reputation for research, innovation and excellence. The event on May 1st was about beginning the conversation and finding advantageous opportunities for everyone to work in partnership with each other to develop tailored solutions for the Agricultural sector and bring new, innovative services to market.

Pat Smith, General Secretary of IFA

Katherine O’Leary, Farmers Journal – Summary of the Day

Dr Kieran Drain, Tyndall National Institute

Prof Mark Ferguson, Director General Science Foundation Ireland

Dr. Frank O’Meara, Director of Research, Teagasc

Gerard Keenan, Director of Richard Keenan & Co. Ltd

Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development

Prof Dr. Martin Curley, Vice President at Intel Corporation and Director of Intel Labs Europe

Jim Bergin CEO, Glanbia Ingredients Ireland Ltd

Active Research Projects

The SmartAppi project seeks to provide two of Ireland’s largest milk processors, Glanbia plc and Dairygold Ltd., with a reliable means of predicting fluctuation and trends in their raw material supply chains.

It is an 18 month project, 65% funded by EI (IP/2014/0474) with the two milk processors providing the balance of the funding.

Precision Dairy

The primary focus of the PRECISION DAIRY project is to link ICT based disciplines with dairy systems research in order to develop real-time decision support systems for dairy farmers. Autonomous, battery operated sensors will be scattered throughout the farms to sense real-time data in relation to animal and grassland production in order to improve productivity, disease management, animal mobility tracking and event forecasting.

Ideations Think Tank

Ideations from Agriculture Think Tank, held at Kilkenny Castle in February 2015

Data Ideation 

Problem to be solved:  Interoperability of scattered data for better farm management

Environmental Ideation 

Trust in Agriculture: Eliminating Red Diesel – a potential environmental and economic use case

Precision Ideation 

“Precision Dairy” is collaborative research project between TSSG, WIT and Moorepark, TEAGASC jointly funded by SFI and TEAGASC. The project started in September 2014 and has increasing efficiency of modern Dairy Farming through the use of ICT, as the main objective.

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