Over the next 50 years, the global population’s relationship with food will see substantial change. This is not only driven by the rise in global population, but also changes in daily consumer consumption patterns and environmental conditions. The  Agri-tech area focuses on investigating novel paradigms of how technology will transform food production to meet humanity’s demands in future.  In particular  we will be focusing on novel communication paradigms that will derive and relay information about dairy farming to drive a precision agriculture impact.  For more information on our agritech project scroll down or visit YouTube. 


For a full and comprehensive guide to the Funding Roadmap for Agri-Tech in Ireland and Europe click here.

Dr. Sasitharan Balasubramaniam

Director of Research and Principle Investigator for The SFI Research Centre, VistaMilk supported by Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. 

Hazel Williams

Senior Strategic Business Partner, Regional Cluster Lead for Smart Agri Hubs and AgROBOFood, Site Manager for VistaMilk

Dr. Stepan Ivanov

Research Fellow

Dr. Daniel Perez Martins

Postdoctoral Researcher 

Paul Malone

Researcher and Project Lead on MELD

Kevin Doolin

Director of Innovation & Coordinator of DEMETER

Dr. Steven Davy

PSES Research Unit Manager, Coordinator of Cybele 

Dr Mohit Taneja

Experienced Software Research Engineer / PhD Researcher

Dixon Vimalajeewa

Postdoctoral Researcher 


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Smarter Aquaculture

MELD – Machine Learning for Early Lameness Detection

RE-SERVE: Renewables in a Stable Electric Grid

Smart Agri Hubs

Microfarm (NCAD)

Precision Dairy


ICT – Agricultural Conference
Kilkenny Castle
Agriculture 4.0 The Internet of Things boosting regional innovation
AgTech Symposium
Advancing AgriTech in Ireland
ASA Conference
DEMETER Kick Off Meeting
September 2019
Research Centres

SFI Vistamilk

Digital Innovation Hubs (Agri)  

Precision Agriculture Centre for Excellence (PACE)


Smart Agri Hubs



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