Digital Health

The field of Digital Health and associated Precision Healthcare initiatives is undergoing explosive growth.

Both in academic research and commercial settings reflected by a growing body of ground breaking publications and findings, formation of new research centres, increase in patents filed and dramatic increase in start-ups and high profile acquisitions by major medtech, pharma and technology companies. The area of Digital Health is also currently the most invested in sector by Venture Capitalists. Through a trans-disciplinary approach across our aforementioned thematic areas and strategic alliances with other disciplines we are in prime position to realise our vision of Precision Healthcare.  Precision Healthcare will cover a multitude of end use cases that will ultimately improve quality of life (QoL) and dramatically improve patient outcomes in a non-intrusive and minimally invasive manner.

This will result in ‘technology interventions’ and therefore collaboration with behavioural scientists and TSSG’s User Experience researchers is another crucial component to realise this vision. Our health related research will not only be novel, but also engineered in a manner that is aware and supportive of the relevant regulations and standards (from regulatory bodies such as the FDA, IMB and EMA). TSSG will build and grow our partnerships with clinicians, biomedical researchers, hardware scientists, nanotechnologists, behavioural scientists, patient advocacy groups and industrial R&D groups to deliver precision healthcare research and solutions. 

TSSG Digital Health

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