Future Health


New advancements in digital technologies are emerging year on year. Exploration into how Mobile, IOT, Mixed reality, Big Data and AI can transform the healthcare industry are at the forefront of future trends and research efforts in this space. Amore personalised approach to healthcare is being driven with the patient engagement and gain being at the very core. Advancements in technologies are driving research areas and marketable products focused on remote patient care, precision medicine & genomics along with population health management and point-of -care diagnostics. The healthcare sector is an exciting and challenging area that is rapidly moving with technology. The TSSG Future Health Specialist group tracks and guides research efforts across these varying strands. 

Frances Cleary

Research Division Manager

Dr. Ruisong Han

Postdoctoral Researcher 

Dr. Daniel Perez Martins 

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ian Mills

Technical Lead  

Ryan Mc Closkey

Software Research Engineer 

Colin Fardey

Software Research Engineer 


Philip O Brien

Technical Lead  

Dr. Alberto Heurtas 

Postdoctoral Researcher 

Gary Mc Manus

Senior Researcher 

Yahya Almardeny

Software Research Engineer 

Stephen Barnes

Experienced Software Research Engineer 


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AI for Healthcare Patient Monitoring




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Netlabs, Waterford
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