Research Theme

Intelligent and Smart Transport System

Specialist Area Leader: Frances Cleary

New emerging initiatives in the smarter cities and transport domains are leading to autonomous vehicles, enhanced data management and new applications of machine learning and analytics.

This opens new opportunities focusing on the research and development of innovative products stemming from an Intelligence Transport Systems (ITS) and Smart Transportation systems.

Such new platforms will encourage the need to move from car-centric systems to multimodal systems that take into consideration the citizen and the environment. This research theme will be heavily sensor driven and citizen centric.

strand 1

Mobility (Safety and Sensor Technologies)

A higher proportion of citizens now live in cities and are living and working in a connected society. Smarter mobility including safety of the citizens, vulnerable users and pedestrians is key to technological advancements in this space. The ITS team in TSSG has built up valuable expertise relating to safer cycling applications, intelligent traffic management applications and utilisation of sensor technologies for effective Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection systems enabling Smart Alert Notification/ monitoring.

  • ITS Sensor Technology Applications and Platforms
  • Automatic Emergency Service Technologies
  • Pedestrian & Cyclist Detection systems
  • Priority Traffic Management and Modelling
strand 2

ITS Data Management

New emerging initiatives in the smarter cities and transport domain are leading to enhanced Data management , machine learning and analytics. This opens new opportunities for the ITS group as they focus on research and innovative products stemming from an Open Interconnected Data Management Platform concept.

  • Open Interconnected ITS Data Management Platforms
  • ITS Data Analytics (Context-Aware, Machine learning, predictive analytics)
  • ITS Realtime Policy Processing
  • ITS Visual Data Dashboards
  • Vehicle Telematics
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • Smart Cities & Smart Mobility
strand 3

Network Management and Protocols : Automotive Sector

TSSG are leaders in the design of new scalable network protocols and are extending this expertise to network issues and challenges prevalent in the automotive sector, for example low latency requirements, resource management, service management and orchestration and security concerns. In this domain TSSG have vast expertise relating to SDN and NFV technologies and implementation of such technologies to support 5G development and deployment.

The ITS group also focuses on V2X communications and Risk related communications supported via effective and scalable cloud architectures.

  • 5G Automotive Communications
  • V2X and Risk Communications
  • ITS Cloud Architectures
  • Software Defined Network Applications & Network Function Virtualisation.

Key research focus areas under investigation within the group also include how ITS can be deployed more efficiently in a fog computing environment, where the vehicles are at the network edge and many of the service components are distributed across the available infrastructure. Some of the considerations include the role of virtualisation, configuration settings, monitoring and capacity planning.

Frances Cleary

ITS Group Technical Lead

Nithin Padmaprabhu

Graduate Software Developer

Michael Crotty